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Student Leadership

Our First Student Leadershiip Group
On Wednesday 20th March we elected our House Captains and Vice House Captains. Our students were elected after presenting their ideas to the whole school. We are very proud of them and we know they will represent the school well in all that they do. Absent from the photograph but also elected as Vice House Captain was Arseny Gorak from Year 5.

Learn with your child morning

Thursday 22nd March
Today we had a wonderful time learning with our families. Parents and family members came into classes and completed activities with their children. All the activities were linked to our International Month theme.

Join Year 2 in their class sushi bar!

As part of international month, Year 2 have been learning all about Japan.  We have learned about where Japan is located in the world, its capital city, how many people live there and we have compared this to Latvia. We have also been learning about Japanese culture and festivals.  A popular food in Japan is sushi and so we decided to have our very own class sushi bar.  Come visit us for some tasty maki rolls and listen to us say some Japanese phrases!

Year 4 - Learning Homophones

Year 4 started this February by learning homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings. It has been fun reading, pronouncing and understanding the differences between ate and eight, ad and add, eye and I, bare and bear. It's great to see their progress in the English Language!

House Cup Winners

Congratulations to all of our House Cup winners! So far Lion, Crown and Shield have won but we are still collecting points. There are many ways to receive points – like showing that we are ready to learn, working in a team, being polite and respecting others, and demonstrating our school values. Well done everyone!

Year 5 Olympic Games Geography in Latvian!

Year 5 have enjoyed the studing the Olympic Games.
In English lessons, children have been designing and writing a promotional leaflet about the games in PyeongChang.
In Maths lessons, children have learnt about the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle to measure and draw the Olympic Games logo.
In Latvian lessons, children learnt the names of countries and continents participating in the Olympic Games, they used their geography skills to group countries into the 5 Olympic rings!