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Welcome Franfurt

We were so happy to welcome our fellow teachers from Frankfurt to train with us and spend the day on our school meeting children and watching lessons. It is wonderful to have another King's School close and to be able to meet face to face to share our practice and our stories! Here you can see Miss Hannah and Miss Anna alongside Nikita Sidhu and Sarah Lang during our Big Write training session.

Our Very Royal Day

We were very lucky to be invited to meet the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The Earl and Countess visited Latvia for one day only and met different members of the community, They spent some time talking with the children about our school and what they liked about their school day. They laughed a lot when the children said break and lunch! 
My husband and I were also lucky enough to be invited to a banquet at the caste. We were also thrilled to be tweeted about by the Royal Family!

A Great British Picnic

A very British Picnic
We had a wonderful British Picnic as our first community event this term. Our parents came and enjoyed a beautiful late Summer day with Scones and tea as well as some cucumber sandwiches and healthy snacks. The weather was amazing and it was all topped off with a British family quiz.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Fun!
This year King's College Latvia are committed to embracing the great outdoors. We had a great week with Mandy and Richard from Scotland. They worked with all classes to help us get to grips with lighting fires, using ropes, using knives and just generally having a great time learning outdoors.