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Parent's Fitness Class

On Wednesday 18th October some brave parents participated in our first ever parent's fitness class. The class was led by personal trainer Justin Griffiths and involved many different exercises to tone the whole body. All the parents worked extremely hard and Justin was very impressed with their efforts. As part of our continued efforts to involve parents in school life we now intend to offer 12 more sessions of this type. We will send further details soon.

Year 4 Visit to Riga Railway Museum

Year 4 Railway Museum Visit
On Thursday 21st September Year 4 visited the railway museum. The children are studying railways as part of their topic and they really enjoyed the interactive displays which helped them learn more about how the railways of the past were managed. They even got to climb aboard an old steam train.

Community Art Project

Two weeks ago the children completed a special art lesson where they all worked together and supported each other to complete unique pieces of art work. Each child was given a canvas containing a quarter circle and asked to decorate it in their special way. The children had practised their designs in a previous art lesson. After much consideration we decided to present our work against one of our grey walls. It's wonderful to now be greated by colour as we walk down the corridor. This afternoon the children were all thrilled to see their work on the wall. 

The message in the art work is that everyone in a community brings different skills and ideas (this is represented in the quarter circles) but when the ideas and talents are joined together they make the community whole ( as represented in the whole circles).