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Year 5 Olympic Games Geography in Latvian!

Year 5 have enjoyed the studing the Olympic Games.
In English lessons, children have been designing and writing a promotional leaflet about the games in PyeongChang.
In Maths lessons, children have learnt about the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle to measure and draw the Olympic Games logo.
In Latvian lessons, children learnt the names of countries and continents participating in the Olympic Games, they used their geography skills to group countries into the 5 Olympic rings!

Year 5 Olympics

We have been learning about the Olympic Torch Relay as we look forward to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.
In our art lesson we created our own Olympic torches and during our computing lessons we have started to research about winter sports.
Year 5's new year's resolution is to demonstrate the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence every day!
Year 5 are on fire with their learning!
Mr Barnsley.


This term the children will be learning about traditional tales. This week we have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have been very interested in the story and were very excited to paint bears for the Nursery display board.

Year 3 reading for pleasure

Year 3 Independent reading to practise predicting the events in a story.
Our Year 3 children visited the library and chose their own books. They each talked about why they chose the book and shared their predictions about what they believed would happen in the story. They then read independently to see if they were correct. Our children love to sit on the beans bags and lose themselves in a book.

Year 4 - Vikings and Santa!

Year 4 History and English work
Year 4 have been very excitedly learning about the Vikings. In design and technology they have designed and almost created their own Viking helmets. We will update the news with a photo of the young Vikings modelling their finished helmets at a later date!
During English Year 4 have written, edited and word processed their letters to Father Christmas. They have been very organised in order to ensure he receives their requests on time.

Year 2 have been exploring symmetrical pictures

Year 2 Maths
Year 2 have been learning about symmetry and 2D shape.  We created pictures using different shapes and we used a mirror to help us see the symmetry before drawing it.  We also used the same skills to draw symmetrical monsters!