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Visit to the Embassy of Ireland in Latvia

On Europe Day, May 9th, our students visited the Embassy of Ireland in Latvia during their Open Door Day. The students participated in a quiz about Ireland, saw a performance by a traditional Irish dance group and found out more about the Embassy's daily activities. What a great trip!

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Our Royal Wedding Celebrations were great fun. We all wrote letters to Prince Harry and Meghan, had fun with our balloon bounce, dressed to impress and ate too much cake. It was just like being at a real wedding. Thanks to mums and dads who joined us.

Year 2 Scientists

Our students are real scientists! Year 2 love learning about the outdoors. After exploring nature, they filled in the Investigation Form documenting their observations and finding out more in the books about nature and science. We also celebrated the UN’s International Day for Biological Diversity on 22nd May!

Year 3 - Natural Disasters Topic

Year 3 are studying Natural Disasters as their topic. This means they learn about them through science, history, art and geography. They have made some beautiful volcanic art by blowing paint through straws.

Pupil Librarians

This month we announced a very special job opportunity in King's College, Latvia. It paid no money and involved hard work at playtimes, but 20 children wanted the job! We now have 5 teams of librarians to help us make a difference. They have brightened up the library wall with their first display. Each of them have even recommended a book!

Play, Learn and Explore Group

This month we held our first toddler and young children English learning sessions. The children learnt about parts of their body through songs and activities. We also read Elmer the Elephant and did activities which helped us practise our colours in English. Thank you to all the families that joined us.