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Tennis Weekend

We were delighted to sponsor the King's College Tennis Championships in collaboration with The Latvian Tennis Union. We had a fun weekend talkiing to parents about our school and watching some fantastic tennis.

End of Year Trips

May and June are the season of trips where we know our children can really enjoy being outside. Nursery had a great time learning about animals at the mini zoo and Years 1 and 2 enjoyed the sea and the beach. Year 1 have been learning about holidays and recieved a VIP tour of the Balttic Beach hotel before being able to play in the sand and sea. Year 2 have been learning about Pirates and enjoyed a morning on the high seas in tehir very own Pirate ship. They fired cannons and hoisted sails as well as singing sea shanties! What a great time of year it is.

Librarians Leading Change

Our Librarians worked hard to make an assembly presentation to show the whole school how important looking after the Library is. They explained how to keep the library tidy and how to find the books you are looking for. They also informed the whole school about their job.

Peer Mentors

Miss Hume and Miss inga have been working to train our prefects to help to solve conflicts in the playground. They are called Peer mentors and every playtime they look for any minor problems in the playground and help children to solve them without the need of adults. The Peer Mentors keep a careful record of all the times they help people so the adults can always check.

Open Morning

Welcoming our Community into school
It was a great pleasure to welcome members of the community into our school to tell them about a British Education and to be able to show our classes in action. We look forward to repeating the event in the evening and on a weekend so as many people as possible can get to know our wonderful school.

Art Week

Art Week 2019
This week the children in all classes have been learning about various artists and their styles and choice of media. The children have created art in the style of their studied artists. All the art work will be on display for our school community to enjoy next week.  The children have also visited the Latvian National museum of Art.