We are Open For Learning

King’s College has been delivering a quality British education for more than 50 years.

Part of this quality is ensuring that our students are prepared for the unforeseeable, for the challenges of tomorrow and for life. These out of the box skills have ensured that our school has remained Open For Learning.

As a school, we have comfortably transitioned from on-site classes to virtual learning and are pleased to now welcome back our students from Reception to Year 2 to continue to offer an on-site education at school. Additionally, families of Nursery students for whom there is no other childcare option are also allowed to attend school. This decision was taken after careful consultation with the Latvian Ministry of Education. For families of students Year 3 and above, we continue to offer our dynamic & comprehensive Virtual Classrooms.

Book your personalised Admissions appointment now to meet our team and see our school; either on-site or online. We would love to learn more about your child and how we could meet their individual needs, to ensure that they thrive.